Application Engineering

Well-engineered applications are stable in production and flexible in the long term. Application architecture and code designed to scale both functionally and operationally accounts for operational variability and accomodates growing needs.

We build standards-compliant applications using stable technology solutions and incorporate best practice methodologies in design and development. We reinforce the stability of our architecture and code with rigorous cross-platform testing to provide a stable and performant product.

  • Enterprise Applications

  • iOS & Android Mobile Applications

  • Consumer Portals

  • Ecommerce Solutions

Cloud Services

Switch on applications instantly and scale infrastructure with your requirements. Cloud services provide rapid deployment alternatives to traditional applications and robust infrastructure platforms without significant long-term commitment in hardware resources.

We enable enterprises to migrate to the cloud by determining the right mix of platforms and services that fit business needs. We integrate and deploy the applications and infrastructure you need so you can stop worrying about managing technology and focus on managing your business.

  • SaaS Integration & Migration

  • PaaS Infrastructure Transformation

  • Private Cloud Architecture & Deployment

Interactive Strategy

You have invested significantly in developing a strategy to reach and satisfy your customers. It is critical that the interactive strategy driving your digital presence reflect, enhance and optimize its core components.

We work with you to develop an integrated interactive strategy by understanding the key forces influencing your business in the digital environment and the strategic position that will drive your success online.

  • Digital Environment Research

  • Customer Profiling and Segmentation

  • Customer Conversion Testing

Creative Design

Users take pleasure in interacting with digital platforms—applications or websites—that effectively communicate the expected action. Creating a clear path between choices and providing appropriate feedback results in an interactive experience that allows users to feel in control.

We craft rich interfaces without visual clutter so users can accomplish the tasks that achieve your goals. We deliver design that provides a fresh perspective while incorporating your brand and marketing approach.

  • Information Architecture

  • User Experience

  • Visual Design

Digital Marketing

Reaching the right customer is the key to conversions and sales. The quality of traffic engaging with your digital presence has a greater impact on your marketing resources and the success of the campaigns.

We create meaningful online engagement by delivering your core messages with high quality and targeted content. We help drive your customers to your brand experience with search-optimized marketing and sophisticated media planning.

  • Websites

  • Email Campaigns

  • Digital Media Planning

  • Conversion Analytics & Reporting